Edan's 2 new verve
megahertz burst when the verse hurt the Earth
been cursed with a thirst to kill the worst but first
soul search in the church of the Universe
Inverse of the sin - insert it first
by the demagogue semi dog devilgod nimrod
the vaudevillian saw brilliant Iliad
lyricals mash myriads of any theory had
The Furious Five gave you a luxurious life
immaturity impurities aimed at furies strife
full bullets slugs the law
but what the fuck for?
when the unraw settles the score
at your front door
metaphysical lord tact-tical jaw with the force of Thor
to ensure peace for sure
deluxe raw
smash mother fuckers on rush mode
and replace it with the faces of the cold krush 4

when a beat sounds nubile
I'm fit to have sex with rap and
prolly pro-create a new style
Sperm of the show
I'm devoted to searching the biological ocean
for control of the Ovum
Further than Omega
my flow goes extra
Mollusk - cuz everything is sex and violence
I jet for seclusion
and refuge in choosing the best loops
avoidin Lex, Coops and toysin'
Text and tools and effect the School System
I paint new rhythms like Picasso usin' Cubism
New Prisms for your eyesight to explore
My Life's what Adam and Eve having Sex for
connectin' your rhymes and mine like an Ameoba
we could either Follow the Leader or Follow Procedures
Either Eat her before ya secretin' semen between her
or leave a screamin fiend to believe ya to please a diva
so many ways to sex it
with amazing methods
I never paid to get it
I was made to wreck it
I aint afraid to bless it
cuz I slay, protect it
on stage I'm nekkid
the way I was created

check it
at a show
capacity was 340
I did it to the crowd
it was a new sorta orgy
them other brothaz before me
fucked her kinda corny
so when I grabbed the shorty
yo - she wasn't even warm for me
that made me more horny
I like a challenge so
started to alter the definition of a talent show
I hit it off like a gallant pro
fuck3d it and switched positions
doing this mic got a rich tradition

yo - the baddest of the best was affectionate
romancin and bodily kisses before sexin' it
slow dancin and paid for the meal
just like a gentleman
treat her like a lady
hold the door before you let her in
mental medicine - penicillin for whatever villian
effectin the mic with metaphysics with syphilis in it
cynical critics script it as if I ain't fuckin' it right
when all they do is masturbate
they never was touchin a mic